The biggest and most important part of our building works incorporates restauration and modernization works. Also in the segment of our extensive building and product suggestions is full cost control for you by our cost estimates.


Inter alia we offer objects for sale, incl. following restoration, so you directly move directly into your freshly renovated or modernized home.Our year-long experience tellsus it is reasonable to fulfill thecustomers wishes in advance for the move-in: For one only the best is good enough, so he wants a modernization. Forthe other there is nothing to perform except  for renovation. We are all individualists – there are no no limits to the imagination.


What does a complete restructuring mean? Depending on necessity, in most cases the complete circuits are to be renewed, because of  exiting old circuitsor doors and windows are to be equipped with double glazing, because there is still single glazing.We raze walls to allow more light into the rooms, to make them more spacious or to make them look more modern.Often we create a winter garden from a patio (a small courtyard).No matter if renewal of kitchen, bath, replacement of parquet or tiles is necessary, or the courtyard and/or the terrace needs to be newly tiled, is in the eye of the beholder.

Often tiles are completly ok, but colours or design do not meet the buyer’s expectations. Finally the financial background of each buyer differs, so we make quotations according to your requirements and options.

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